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From our outreach center in the middle of the red-light district we reach out to the women and ladyboys working in prostitution. Tamar Center staff visit them three nights per week in the bars across the city to tell about the opportunity to change their lives and to share the love of God with them. In the outreach center we also run English classes and have a hairdressing salon and the House of Peace to build further relationships.



The women working in the bars spend all of their time serving and looking after other people. Tamar Center wants to make them feel loved, cared for and show them that they have value and are worth more than what they feel they are worth. A few times a year we host banquets in honor of the bar girls. We invite as many girls as possible, usually between 50-130 and pay for them to leave the bar for the evening. We serve them a beautiful dinner and entertain them with songs, skits and games. We want to show the women that they are loved and that we care for each and every one of them. These evenings are usually filled with laughs, hugs and tears. We invite them to our training program if they wish to leave the bars for good and to our English classes and pregnancy center.

House of Peace

In 2017 we noticed that more and more women were coming to our Hair Salon just to get a break from being in the bars or that the women were hiding at our place from customers that they did not like. And so, the idea for the House of Peace was born: A place where the women can come, rest, sleep or talk with one of our staff members. All in a safe and nice environment, looking a bit like a coffee shop where we also provide them with free drinks. The House of Peace was opened in January 2018 and so far, it is working well and more and more women take the opportunity to come for a rest.



English Class

English classes are taught three times a week. We focus on building relationships during the classes. It is an easy way to get to know the girls and learn more about their life. We often get opportunities to share more about what we do at the Tamar Center and how we can help them to leave the bars behind.

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