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At the core of Tamar’s heart is our desire to provide the girls with an alternative to the often devastating job as a bar girl (prostitute). To achieve this goal, we offer various activities to help the girls each step of their way to a new life. (For more information, visit the several webpages below the Activities menu or click on the links below.)


  1. We reach out to the girls working in the bars, through:

    • Bar outreach

    • Banquet parties

    • Pregnancy counselling

    • English Class

  2. We offer vocational training to the girls who stepped out of their work in the bars, to prepare them for a new life with new ways to earn a living:

    • Handicrafts (card making, jewelry, sewing)

    • Hairdressing

    • Baking

    • Cooking, running a Restaurant

    • Sewing

  3. Prevention: We do regular trips to Issan, where we try to reconnect the women with their families and also engage in prevention work in local schools.

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