Vocational Training

The majority of girls who come to Pattaya to work in the bars do so because they have very little education and are in desperate need of a job to financially support their families. Therefore, we believe it is important to give them an opportunity to become trained in a profession.

Currently we offer the girls a choice of five programs: hairdressing, bakery, restaurant, sewing, and computers. The focus of this part of the training is that the girls will be able to work in related fields upon completion. There is a huge emphasis on application of the newly learned skills. We have running businesses in all of the five areas, where the women can practice with real customers.

In order for them to truly walk into a new life it is not enough to give them a new job skill. The girls come from lives where they have often experienced abuse, hurt and pain. They are heartbroken. We feel it is important to show them love and provide a safe environment for their hearts to heal. We believe that inner healing goes hand in hand with learning new relationship and life skills with a biblical perspective.

When the girls finish the three months of training we want to provide them with opportunities to become economically independent. We have recently started a business training; helping the women understand how to start and manage a small business. At the end of this training the women will be able to apply for a micro credit loan to start up their own business here in Pattaya or in their home village.

Cards Crafting

When a woman decides to leave her work in the bars and come to Tamar, she starts working in the card room. These beautifully handmade cards are sold in Europe and in the USA. The girls can quickly learn the technique and earn money to support their families back in the villages. To view a full sellection of our cards go to our website, www.TamarCards.com.

Hair Dressing

The Tamar Hair Salon is located at our outreach center on Soi 6; one of the most populated bar streets in Pattaya. We wanted to create a place where the girls working in the bars can come and get their hair, or nails done in a safe and positive environment. We can tell them about Tamar Center and our English classes, as well as our training program. It is also a place where the girls who have finished their training can gain experience.

Hair Dressing


The Tamar Center Restaurant and Bakery is located on Third Road in Pattaya and it is a calm and peaceful place to come and enjoy breakfast, lunch, or a cup of coffee and one of our famous cheesecakes. To see a full selection of our Restaurant please go to the restaurant web page.


Computer Class

The computer training offers women who lack basic skills opportunity to learn computer skills needed not only for employment but for every day life with the continuing evolution of technology. This includes training of Microsoft Office programs, Photoshop, movie maker,  electronic mail and downloading programs from the Internet.

Business Training and Micro Credit

As the women leave the bars the most urgent need for them is to make money. They are often supporting themselves, children and their parents. Tamar has several job opportunities but many of the women have other dreams. We want to help them achieve those dreams. Together with the Business Hope Center (BHC), we are training the women to understand how to start and manage a business. The women who present a successful business plan will receive a micro credit loan. It will provide them with the necessary stability to get the business up and running.


At Tamar Center we rent houses on a street not too far away form the city center. The majority of our staff live in these houses and all of the girls currently in our program. There is a good sense of a community where we can always support each other. The women who are currently in the program are supported to live in these houses. The staff pay rent to be able to stay in the Tamar Center housing. One of our visions is to buy our own homes and no longer have to rent these houses.


Many of the women who join Tamar Center have young children. The children have often been left in a village while the mothers have come to Pattaya to find a job.  As you can understand the women miss their children, and at Tamar Center we wanted to create a way for the children to live with their mothers. The children who were too young to go to school needed a place to be during the day while the mothers worked for Tamar. So  we opened a nursery.

The number of children in the nursery varies depending on the needs of the women working for Tamar, but it is always open Monday-Friday from 8:00-17:30. Many of the women working at Tamar have brought their children to live with them since we have opened  the nursery. It warms our hearts to be able to reunite children with their mothers and to know we have a safe place to send the children. The nursery is a lovely place filled with joy.