The girls whose lives were changed through Tamar Center also wanted help to change their relationships with their families and villages. There are often areas of un-forgiveness, bitterness and even anger towards their families. We created a team to go with to the girls’ home villages. The women serve as a bridge to open communication with the village and a living testimony by how much their life has changed. Our team travels to Issan, where most of the girls are from, twice a month, each time visiting one of the Tamar girls’ villages. Traveling to their homes with them gives us one more way to be a part of changing their entire life.

Prevention Center - Khorat

In the city of Khorat, we have been building relationships with the local churches and we are serving in the government women’s shelter for abuse women and children. The Khorat Tamar Center opened in July 2010 providing hope, new economic opportunities and education on the reality of the sex-industry in Pattaya. We currently have a number of staff and we are building relationships with the villagers in the area. We visit five villages weekly. In these villages we run:

  • Cell groups - small groups to teach about relationship and family values from a biblical perspective.
  • English classes - teaching the children in the village English; this is a good way to get to know them and give them important skills.
  • Children Ministry - spending time with the children, giving them a safe place to feel loved, play games and a place to simply be children.


We long to help the villages with their economic problems. We have a desire to partner with the villagers and help with already existing businesses such as fish farming, pig rearing etc. There is also a possibility to start up micro-enterprises to generate more employment opportunities and income for the villages. We have a desire to start prevention programs and have taken steps in creating these programs for the families. Through this program, we are able to teach families about the realities of working in Bangkok and especially Pattaya.

In the future we wish to start a leadership training school, so that people in the villages can take over running children ministries and cell groups. We hope to influence the villages in a positive, Christ-like manner and to reach out to people through the Gospel. We aim to transform what ‘family’ means in Khorat by building on relationships, giving opportunity for freedom and forgiveness and to be a strong, family unit.

As the ministry grows and foundations become stronger, we hope to open a vocational training center in Khorat.

Prevention Center - Chaiyaphum

Chaiyaphum is located in the North-East of Thailand, with agriculture being the primary industry. We have started outreach in Chaiyaphum, solely building relationships with local people and the children, sharing the gospel and ministering to the people. We have started a program targeted for children in the form of ‘After School Activities’, which provides a safe and stimulating environment for children until their parents return from work.


As the ministry becomes more established and deeper relationships develop within the village, the vision is to provide jobs in Kraeng Kroh, as well as to build a business that can easily be taught and has opportunity for growth. We are focusing on prevention ministry for families in Chaiyaphum, teaching about the realities of working in places like Bangkok and especially Pattaya. We want to provide support for these families and see familial relationships strengthen and grow together as a whole unit. We are forming cell groups for believers to build strong, mature Christians. We are also creating connections with already established churches so that Christians in Chaiyaphum can further develop their faith and participate in fellowship and church life.